Key Benefits for the Journalist and Correspondents
  • A single, easy to handle device to handle all the journalists' tasks;
  • Both audio only, or mixed audio and video operation;
  • Less equipment to carry around;
  • Less distraction from handling technology - more time to concentrate on the actual journalistic work;
  • Fastest content delivery ever - it's no problem to edit and bring the typical "15 second clip" on the air within the minute!

Key Benefits for the Station Operation and Management
  • Be the 1st OnAir with any covered event: "It's like being live - just that it's already edited!";
  • Far lower TCO compared to the classical notebook + minidisk + mobile phone solution;
  • The PocketREC technology interfaces perfectly into already existing broadcast automation infrastructure and/or existing ingest system;
  • Raise production efficiency and reduce costs by already receiving the metadata together with the audio and/or video;
  • Enable your station to meet the requirements of a converging broadcast market - without additional manpower;
  • Investment Protection: If a minidisk recorder brakes, you have to buy a new one. But a PocketREC software license can be moved to another PocketPC;
  • We provide professional services in supporting large enterprise scale rollouts!

Key Benefits on the Technical Level
  • PocketREC runs on standard PocketPC or PocketPC Phone devices;
  • Pro audio quality and enhanced audio features on certain PocketREC Certified PocketPC and PocketPC Phone devices by direct low level DSP control (agc/limiter configuration, monitoring, line/mic input selection, etc.);
  • We provide perfectly tuned, professional audio accessories: External microphones, XLR cable sets, etc.;
  • Worldwide availability of accessories in every computer shop around the corner;
  • Can be customized and expanded to the needs of the individual journalist (keyboards, batteries, chargers, etc.);
  • A PocketPC Phone is far easier to setup and administrate than any notebook - and is also far more fault tolerant in daily operation.